Kigali City Tour


Most people visit Rwanda just to meet the endangered mountain gorillas but Kigali city tour (the cleanest city in Africa) has a lot of charming and interesting experiences, culture and a rich history to present to you like visiting Kigali Genocide memorial center.

A short tour in Kigali city provides an in depth comparison between the dark past of Kigali, its charming present and a future full of hope. Rwanda’s capital, Kigali city is a commercial center of Rwanda with a relatively moderate climate throughout the year.

Besides Kigali being a home of stunning landscapes, beautiful and lively people, the night life is another great experience to look out for, with beautiful and glimmering lights that shine over the romantic hills that surround the city. Make it a must to experience the nightlife of Kigali by having a city excursion during your safari in Rwanda.

Our Kigali City Tour combine your preferred choices of the below “Kigali Experiences” to make for a truly memorable half or full day of culture, the arts, micro-industries, fashion, food and history. Simply view the choices below and mention which activities interest you most and we are here to make that happen and answer you questions.

Tour Rwanda’s capital Kigali – the clean city in Africa

Kigali is by far one of the cleanest and most laid-back African cities. It is lively, with lots of bars, restaurants, hotels and welcoming, helpful locals. There are several places to visit within the city including the Genocide Memorial Centre, Hillywood (Rwanda’s film industry), the diverse neighbourhood of Nyamirambo, local markets, and many other landmark places that offer an authentic slice of local life.

Why Go for a Kigali city Safari?

The vibrancy of Kigali is beautifully showcased on a Kigali City Tour as you venture to where the first modern building was built, which laid the foundations for Rwanda’s capital city and the cleanest in Africa. Thereafter, embark on a journey cruising through the blistering neighborhoods of Kigali City for an authentic taste of Kigali life. The rapidly changing facade of the city is due to the numerous visitors and investors who are attracted to what has been hailed as one of the friendliest and safest cities in Africa.

On your Kigali city tour offered by Karisimbi Safaris, Expect to take sensory stops at the city markets of Kimironko and crafts centers, where you will meet a well organised, whirling space selling a variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals, wood, home products and textiles, with a section for the tourists that features souvenirs, mementos and handcrafted goods.

A visit to the Museum of Natural History is as well a must on a Kigali City excursion, The museum exhibits on Rwanda’s geology and natural wonders. The view from the garden is magnificent and showcases the flourishing urban sprawl.

Also as you get closure to end the tour, find the time to interact with the artisans of the Inema Art Centre. This pivotal contemporary art gallery in Kigali boasts colourful paintings and sculptures and is the ideal place to revel in colourful dance and musical performances. Top up your energy levels with a meal at the Hotel Des Milles Collines, made famous by the movie Hotel Rwanda.

Top Places to Visit on 1 day Kigali city Tour

Visit Gisozi Genocide Memorial Center

Located in Gisozi district northern part of Rwanda, the center is visited to honor the victims of the genocide. There are mass graves where the remains of approximately 250,000 people who were killed in 1994 genocide were buried. Travelers to the site are told the contextual genocide and how thousands of people were slaughtered in just 100 days. Videos, books and magazines are displayed which give travelers intense information concerning the genocide. The time spent at the center is real touching and humbling to all travelers, as they listen to the sorrowful stories of never again. Most travelers who visit the site come out humbled and appreciating how far Rwanda has come despite the tremendous genocide.

Visit Kigali City Markets

There are numerous local markets that operate on different days of the week in Kigali. The largest local market is kimisagara market, which has different sections and operates everyday. The market offers a variety of products to the travelers which include clothes, children’s toys, fruits, bags, pans, shoes, water jugs, suitcases, sunglasses and designer watches among others. The market is managed under the control of the Kigali city council (KCC), which gives licenses to local people to own small stalls. The products are sold at affordable prices and travelers buy them for remembrance after going back to their original destinations.

Visit to Rulindo Culture Center

This was opened up in 2015 during the celebration of the world tourism day in order to diversify tourism in Rwanda. While at the center, the exhibitions of local and traditional arts and culture are shown to the travelers. There are cultural guidebooks and magazines that tell more about Rwanda hence making a visit to the center educative. More still, there are local people that demonstrate their cultures to the travelers done in form of traditional dances, poems, stories, and dressing codes. Travelers are allowed to take part in traditional practices, which make them feel like part of the society the experience they live to remember.

City Tour to Nyamirambo Women’s Center

The Nyamirambo Women’s Centre (a local self-help group) runs fun and interesting 2½-hour tours of the lively Nyamirambo area of the city. Here explorers are enthused around by a group of ladies who are the members of the Nyamirambo women’s group. These women implement different activities including making hand crafts such as bags, mats, baskets, making hair in their salons and many others as well as preparing local foods for the travelers. Travelers are blessed to take part in activities such as sowing, tailoring, buying art crafts which experience they cannot forget. The income earned by these women to used to support their families hence refining their standards of living. The tour finishes with a local lunch. It’s a good way to get an insider’s view of a non-touristy side of the city.

Natural History Museum of Rwanda 

Formerly known as the Kandt Residence, it was once the home of German physician and explorer Dr. Richard Kandt. The Natural History Museum in Kigali is Rwanda’s first and only museum dedicated to the natural sciences. It’s not as impressive as your average natural history museum, but visitors can still learn a lot about the country’s flora and fauna, geology and biological history.

Kigali’s best museum has exhibits on Rwanda’s natural wonders and is housed in the 1907 residence of explorer Richard Kandt, reputed to be the first building in Kigali.

Museum hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, and you don’t have to worry about any large crowds. Entrance to the museum isn’t cheap for expats: Non-residents have to pay 6,000 francs for entry and those with resident visas must pay 5,000 francs.

Interested in a 1 day Kigali City Tour?

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